Instant Pot Korean Short Ribs Recipe

Instant Pot Korean recipe for short ribs.

Try the delicious Korean short ribbons made in the Fast Pot (or in any other electric pressure cooker). The sticky sauce of shiny flesh is soft and the lips are delicious!
Today, I shared my first quick pot recipe. In case you do not know, Instant Pot is the most famous electric cook in North America and the UK. And after a long wait, I finally found this gadget with several months ago. If you want to know, mine is a pot of 6 quart / 5.5 liter size.

In the meantime, I have tried some Korean recipes for this stressful recipe, but so far the best that will come out until now is today’s Korean woven ribs (cook in a quick pot)!

And, I tell you, these ribs give a taste of flavor while using less time and hard work compared to traditional galby jam. It sounds really fun and I can proudly say that this is our family’s favorite dinner right now. 😉

Now for the tips.
Cooking tips
Skin ribs
Korean chefs love the fresh taste, so before we cook the ribs, we like to prepare them a bit.

First soak them in cold water. You will notice that soon the water will turn red. Many will call it blood, but I recently learned that myoglobin, a protein found in muscle tissue.

Water immersion time is also an opportunity to remove any bone marrow from the body.

Many Korean chefs would recommend dipping ribs for a few hours (even at night!), But I think you can easily lose the flavor of the meat by doing so.

So I recommend you do this only while you wait for the water to boil for the next preparation work.

Boiling ribs
I love this step. Yes, it certainly is an extra step that takes time, but this short rib pillow helps keep the dirt floating, so you can easily remove and clean it.

Also, fats and other heavy tissues can be easily removed by boiling again. (It is much easier to cut compared to when the ribs are green).

Quick environmental release
I do not know about other electric pressure cookers, but the Quick Pot has two ventilation options – natural release and quick release. But you can also do by hand the “quick natural release”, which falls between the two categories.

A quick natural release, basically removing the pressure naturally for a certain time (15 minutes in the recipe) and then changing the exhaust option for quick release to completely compress the pot.

Why? If you decide to go with a natural release, it may take anywhere between 15 minutes to 30 minutes to compress the pot. Also, it was a long time to wait as you will want to move on to the next step, which is to cook vegetables in the same pot.

If you decide to go cheap and risk the low bandwidth, you are only deceiving yourself. Also, I believe that this has to do with sudden changes in stress, because you suddenly release stress.

So in order to achieve the right texture of short ribs and save time, I recommend that you do a quick natural release when you follow the recipe.

Sautéing vegetables
You may be tempted to add vegetables (carrots and radishes) and meat and press to cook all together to save some cooking time. (Yes, I have this!) But you will end up with sad looking carrots and radishes.

Since you will need to thicken the sauce (because there is a lot of liquid after cooking pressure), I recommend that you cook the vegetables to cook it and tighten the sauce. 20 minutes is all you need and the result is great!

Eat short
The short ribs are the fatty part of the beef and you will see it in the sauce after cooking pressure.

If you want to reduce the amount of oil, you can lubricate it by cooling the sauce in the fridge / freezer for a few hours. The oil will strengthen the surface of the sauce, so you can easily wipe it with a small spoon (option 1). The downside to this is that it slows down your meal time until it is over.

Alternatively, you can use an oil separator after lubricating the vegetables (option 2). It keeps the job clean.

Use the press release (out of the quick bed)
If you do not have Instant Pot, you can use other pressure cookers.

I have no experience with other brands, but one of my students modified my traditional Galby JJ recipe

Meanwhile, mix the sauce ingredients in a mixer or food processor until smooth
3. Pour the sauce over the short ribs. Close the lid and make sure that the vent is in a closed position. Put in a saucepan to simmer for 35 minutes. After the urgent cooking cycle is complete, allow the pressure to release naturally for 15 minutes (vent is still closed). Then make a quick release and wait until the end of the quick release cycle. Beware of any smoke. Open and remove the lid.

Using a slotted spoon, transfer the meat to a large bowl and close and set aside. Cancel hot mode. (Which would work automatically when it finished cooking vigorously.)
4. Place the prepared vegetables in the pot. Set the pot to simmer (normal) for 20 minutes and cook the vegetables until tender. In the meantime, the sauce will be big and tasty.

Drain the pot and transfer the vegetables and sauce to the meat, then toss to coat. (If you like, you can separate the oil from the sauce as described in the cooking tips above). Sprinkle with fried sesame seeds.
5. Serve the ribs with hot rice and other Korean dishes. Roasted vegetables like broccoli also go well.

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