Dalgona Candy (Korean Honeycomb Toffee) Recipe

Let your Korean diet start with this Dalgona candy recipe. Dalgona is made by melting sugar and mixing it with a little baking soda. The sugar will turn into a caramel-colored whipped cream, ready to be shaped. Really fun and what’s more, delicious!
Which is DALGONA
Dalgona (달고나) is a type of honeycomb made from sugar and baking soda. Also known as “Korean candy.”

Dalgona has been in Korea for over 50 years and travels with different names based on the Korean region. Another common name is Poppgi (뽑기), but now Dalgona is the most common word
Technically, however, dalgona and ppopgi are two different types of sweets with different ingredients. While PPOPGI is made from regular sugar, Dalgona is made from solid glucose. However, they are often referred to by the same name as the Dalgona which occupies the most prominent place in the world today.

The word “ppopgy” means “to pick” or “to pick”, referring to the sweetness of the game. One challenging fact is that it is not easy to break and maintain a printed pattern, because candy is sweet and breaks easily.

Therefore, it is important to remember that time and patience are required when performing Dalgona.

Thankfully, I have shared all my tips on this recipe to make Dalgona a breeze.
Watch the DALGONA recipe video

Like Dagona hands
Dalgona is delicious but also has a smoky caramel flavor. It is light and airy and has a small texture that fades like a honeycomb candy.


Naturally, this delicious nostalgic food has appeared in many Korean dramas and various shows. Recently, it featured in the hottest Netflix series Squid game, which is attracting worldwide attention from this soft and delicious dessert.

Since then, the ‘Dalgona Challenge’ has taken over the social media platform, where users share their journey of making Dalgona and Poppgy using the hashtag #dalgonachallenge.
How to enjoy DALGONA
Dalgona can be enjoyed as it is, but some people enjoy eating it as a topping in frozen desserts (e.g. ice cream) or latte drinks in Korean style.
After the candy has cooled, lift it up and try to break the edges around the indent. It is very difficult to break clean and smooth once it has cooled for a long time. You can use your fingers, saliva or needles to do the job. Some people say that using a needle dipped in hot water constantly works as a miracle.
The last way
After cooling your dalgona, store it in a ziplock bag in a cool, dry place for up to 3 days. Refrigerator is recommended when you are in warm weather.

Storage in humid areas or in hot climates can lead to Dalgona sticking and start building mini craters.
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DALGONA makes instruments
You can buy a Dalgona making kit to make Dalgona at home, but once you have the tools below, you do not need to buy anything else.

Stainless steel boat – this is where you will melt the sugar and make a mixture of dalgona. Choose an item that you do not have in case of damage if something goes wrong (for example, a burn)
Chopstick or popsicle stick – this is a sugar wrap.
Silicone scraper or spatula – this scrubs the Dalgona mixture from the spoon.
Baking sheet or pan – this is to use as a base and protect your upper bank from heat.
Silicone mat or parchment paper – this frees the Dalgona easily after you have finished making it.
HotTeK Print – This makes the dlgona flat before printing the shape. You can use a small sauce pan with a smooth, flat, round bottom.
Cookie cutters – this is a pattern that emphasizes dalgona, but as long as you want sweet treats without any pattern, you can skip it.
2 tbsp sugar, white or light brown
Baking soda, a little bit (difficult to measure, but about 1/32 tsp)
How to make DALGONA candy
1. Add the sugar to the line and keep it over low heat. Stir in the sugar from time to time until it starts to dissolve. The sugar will begin to melt at the edges first and usually takes 1 minute to reach this point. Once this is done, start shaking vigorously.

3. Pour the melted sugar mixture into a baking sheet covered with silicone mat or baking paper, scrubbing with a silicone spatula.
4. Let it cool for about 45 seconds, then plug a little with a silicone spatula to see if the dalgona sticks to it. If not, press down the Dalgona using hotteok and press for 4-5 seconds to hold it. You can use any smooth, flat, non-stick coating such as a stainless steel pot to press it down.
5. To make a pattern on the candy, press the cookie cutter in the middle of the candy and remove it immediately. If you press hard and tight, your pattern will come out easily – but if you press a little hard, it will be difficult to pull the pattern. Quickly remove the cookie cutter.
Allow the Dalgona candy to cool for about one minute or until firm. Serve.
Good advice
If you make more than one dalgona, keep a pot of hot water boiling on the stove. As you make each collection, clean the spoon and scraper by quickly dipping it into the pot before you move on to the next one. Oh, it’s a great time saver! Wipe off any dripping with a dry towel and you are ready to go!


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