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Try this healthy and delicious Korean drink – patch recipe for Korean sweet potato!

Korean sweet potato latte is one of the most popular fall / winter drinks in Korea.

It has a smooth velvety texture and has a slight sweetness and a hint of delicious taste. Though subtle, the aroma of roasted sweet potatoes will give you a warm and cozy feeling!
Today I am sharing a very simple Korean beverage recipe called Sweet Potato Latte (Goguma Latte, 고구마 라떼).

Which is a latte sweet potato
Sweet potato latte is a popular Korean beverage made from roasted sweet potatoes (or sugar), milk and a little sugar.

Although called a latte, this delicious drink has no trace of coffee! So anyone can enjoy it. My daughter loves this drink so much!

Most of the sweet potatoes used in Korea are made from purple meat potatoes. They called this Jasaek Goguma Latte (자색 고구마 라떼).

Purple potatoes are rare, so they looked like something new, but today, they seem to be common in Korea.

Fay, the most common types of sweet potatoes will be ivory or yellow with brown skin, so you will naturally notice the latte made with the sweet potatoes.

Types of Potting Latte Sweet Latte Sweet Latte
Obviously, the best varieties of sweet potato lat may be “Korean sweet potatoes”.

It’s really hard to explain, but many people point out that Korean sweet potatoes are thicker, sweeter and more nutritious than most sweet potatoes found in Western countries.

Still, what are the chances of you getting a Korean sweet potato at your local grocery store?

So, naturally, when I first shared my sweet potato patch recipe back in 2015, I used a kind of sweet potato called Beauregard.

The sweet potato has a deep orange flesh with a rose / golden skin and is the most common type of sweet potato you can see in Australia.

Then a few days ago, I discovered a new type of latte that is available at my local store.

Hawaiian sweet potato! Also known as WSPF, purple yam or okinawan sweet potato.
And wow! It has made an amazing latte for sweet potatoes! I can say with confidence that I was able to repeat the flavor I tasted a few weeks ago in Korea. (My sister even thinks mine tastes better than the ones we tasted in Korea! LOL)

I do not know about other countries, but in Australia, Hawaiian sweet potatoes are more expensive than other types of sweet potatoes. Probably because only 2% of the potato production is dedicated to this type.

Technically, you can make a sweet potato latte with some potatoes, but I highly recommend Hawaiian!

Tips for Making Potato Lat
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The most important thing in making a latte for sweet potatoes is to cook sweet potatoes.

There are a few ways to make it, but I would recommend, roasting it rather than boiling it or boiling it. It just brings the nutty extra flavor! And you can do this.

Clean the sweet potato skin thoroughly. Cut the potatoes in half, long. Try to separate the size, so that each piece is cooked at the same time.
Place the baking sheet on a baking tray. Put the potato meat side up. Drill small holes with a fork or knife tip.
Roast the potatoes in the oven (180-190 C / 356-374 F) until completely cooked. Depending on the size and size of the sweet potatoes, it may take 30-50 minutes. You can check if you are ready to pierce with a cake inspector.
After smearing the sweet potatoes, you will notice that its surface is covered with firm flesh. (This can be very obvious, as shown above, if you use Hawaiian sweet potatoes there are varieties of orange flesh.) But do not throw this away because I think this is the value of the lot.

4. Carefully (as it will be hot) remove the required portion of roasted sweet potatoes with a spoon or fork. Set aside until necessary.
How to keep the rest
Sweet potato latte can be used as breakfast, dinner or anything else instead of coffee or tea. Lately, however, I’m eating it as my lunch too. I have to say, it’s ready for my diet because it really feels good.

If you make more potatoes and / or sweet potatoes than you need: –

You can refrigerate an unused portion of the latte for a day or two. Just heat and stir well before drinking.
You can also refrigerate an unused portion of roasted sweet potatoes for a day or two and then make more lite later or use it for other cooking. I usually eat it on frying day as my food.
Now that all the foundation is covered, I hope you will try this soon and let me know what you think about it!

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2. Pour the liquid into a small pot and add the sugar. Cook over medium heat until the mixture is warm (about 5 minutes) and stir frequently.
3. Divide the food into each cup. Sprinkle with foam milk, cinnamon powder and nuts of your choice (optional). Serve immediately.
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